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Allergy Friendly Children’s Birthday Parties

I am starting a series of post on Fresh4five that will provide inspiration and recipes for Allergy Free Birthday Parties! Some of my own recipes, *round ups* of things that inspire me on the web, and I am also asking for reader stories, photos, recipes and ideas to be featured in these posts! I hope to make this an easy *go to* resource for planning a wholesome, allergy friendly birthday party.

If you have any Birthday Party recipes, photos, advice you would be willing to share please contact me at fresh4five @ gmail [dot] com

When sharing, just be sure it is allergy friendly in some way, wholesome; preferably no yucky white flour. It doesn’t have to be overly commercial; I would love to see how we all celebrate differently.

First Installment:

Second Installment:

Third Installment:

Fourth Installment:

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