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Posted by on Feb 12, 2013 in dairy free, dessert, gluten free, Holidays, paleo, snack, Valentines day | 9 comments

Homemade Fortune Cookies




I made these fun little treats for my son’s school Valentines’s Day Bake sale. They would also be the perfect as your child’s Valentines to give to their classmates. These fortune cookies are nut free and therefore, school friendly. They are also Grain-Free (paleo friendly), gluten, dairy, soy, and coconut free.

These guys are a little finicky to make and shape at first. Never fear though, you will quickly get the knack for it!  In the end, I think I figured out the best way to go about making them.

Traditionally, they are made in the oven. Using the back of a spoon, you spread out a tablespoon of batter on to a greased baking sheet in the shape of a circle.  Allow it to cook for about 7-9 minutes at 300F. The two trick to this involve making them thin enough to become crisp and then getting them off the baking sheet without becoming a sticky mess or ripping.  My baking sheets are well used…so, that might have been part of my problem.

IMG_0007 copy

After doing it this way for a while with mixed success, I decided to cook them on the stove top. The batter reminds me of crepes! (guess what recipe will be coming soon)? So, I went ahead and made a few on a greased skillet with success and then went even further and made them on my griddle. I was able to make more at a time and they came off very easily (my griddle happens to be one of the few things left in my kitchen that are non-stick)

Once they are cooked, you fold them in half with a note inside. You then press them over the edge of a mug to get that Fortune cookie shape. I found the cutest printable notes here for Valentine’s Day or Chinese New Year.

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Check out that product placement :P

Once you have them shaped, set them inside of a muffin tin while they cool and harden. This will help them retain their shape. Then dip them in chocolate.


Fortune Cookies

Serves: 24
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:

  • 2 egg whites
  • ½ cup coconut sugar
  • ¼ cup ground raw sunflower seeds
  • ¼ cup arrowroot flour
  • 2 tablespoons oil (ghee, olive, liquid coconut)
  • 2 tablespoons dairy free milk
  • A pinch of sea salt.

  1. Add egg whites to the bowl of a stand mixer, using a whisk attachment whisk on high speed until frothy (about 30 seconds)
  2. Add the coconut sugar and whisk for another 30 seconds.
  3. Add the flour, ground seeds and salt, whisk for about 30 seconds scraping the sides.
  4. Add the oil and milk, and whisk for another 30 seconds.
  5. Heat your griddle or pan to a low heat
  6. Place tablespoonfuls of the batter on the surface and use the back of a spoon to shape into a circle.
  7. Cook almost completely on the one side, until the edges are dark brown. Flip for a few moments.
  8. remove from heat 1 at a time and place on a cutting board/clean surface.
  9. Immediately place the note inside and fold in half and shape on the edge of a mug. (This needs to be done quickly, removing 1 at a time from the heat, the cookies begin to harden quickly and will break when folding.)
  10. Cool completely and dip in chocolate if desired.


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    • aww thanks Lauren! My kiddo’s inspire!

  1. Hi! I can’t wait to make these. Could I use a different kind of sugar? I don’t have any coconut sugar on hand.

    • I think cane sugar would be great, actually maybe make them even more crisp. :)

  2. Do you think these would work with egg replacer instead of eggs or are they essential? Thanks!

    • Hi Jess,
      I have not tried it myself. I am really not sure, sorry. They might!

      • Thanks! Officially on a mission!! I’ll post back to let you know. :)

  3. You saved the day! They are having fortune cookies at preschool. I couldn’t believe it when I googled and got this! Thank you!!!


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